Maymester Seminar: Food for Thought

Maymester Seminar:  Food for Thought

MLS 501-001M

Dr. Michael Garval

331 Withers


This interdisciplinary food studies course takes students from the French foundations of modern gastronomy, to the fascinating paradoxes of food production, consumption, and appreciation in our increasingly globalized world.  Classroom sessions are complemented by guest speakers, tastings, and site visits.  In order to accommodate our students’ busy schedules, the course sessions are concentrated on weekends.


Guest Lectures:

Dr. Sarah Ash, Professor, Dept. of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences, NC State University:  “Eating Through American History: The more things change the more they stay the same”

Dr. Robert Patterson, Crop Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, and MALS, NC State:  “Agribusiness and the food industry, GMOs, food production and environmental impacts”

Michele Scott, PhD student, Sociology, NC State:  “Food + Sociology”

Dr. Dara Bloom, Assistant Professor and Local Foods Extension Specialist, Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, NC State:  “The origins and motivations behind the local food movement, including the major issues that the movement faces and possible paths forward.”

Marne Coit, MSEL, JD, LLM, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, NC State:  “Food labeling – organic agriculture, local food, GMOs and the role of law in each”

Dr. Seth Murray, International Studies and MALS Program, NC State:  “Food, Identities, and Cultural Heritage in Europe”

Olivia Harries, Product Innovator, Trader Joe’s:  “Ideation and Product Design in the Retail Food Industry”


Site Visits and Tastings:

State Farmers Market, Raleigh











Interfaith Food Shuttle Camden Street Learning Garden, Raleigh












Boulted Bread, Raleigh















Whole Foods Market, selection of local cheeses












Chickcharney Farm (heritage poultry farm), Wake Forest, NC, Julie Gauthier, DVM, proprietor