Student Spotlight: Cristian Maris

Student Spotlight: Cristian Maris

Cristian Maris on a trip to Scotland.


Cristian Maris is a long way from Brad, Romania, but he is at NC State to pursue both a military and academic career. Before coming to NC State, he was stationed at Fort Bragg and working as a Battalion School NCO.

He is currently a sergeant in the United States Army going through a commissioning program, as well as working toward a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. With a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management from Babes-Bolyai University, Maris is using his skills and background to concentrate on “Global Justice and Security.”

“I believe it is an extremely important, yet understudied area, in my future career,” Maris explains. “As a future Army officer, I believe that concepts of justice and security on the global stage are essential, as they represent the basis of interaction at the international level.”

He chose the MALS program due to its flexibility and wide range of options. “It provides the best opportunities for my study interests. [MALS] is the best fit for my career needs,” he explains. The interdisciplinary nature of MALS allows Maris to study different aspects of his concentration, which will help him to obtain his goal of becoming a Foreign Area Officer in the Army.

Maris is a participant in the Green to Gold Active Duty Program, which enables active duty enlisted soldiers to pursue their education. “It is a great opportunity offered to enlisted soldiers across the Army to develop their knowledge and skills and upon completion of a baccalaureate or master’s degree to obtain a commission as an officer,” he adds. The Green to Gold Active Duty Program is extremely competitive, only offering about 200 positions per year across the entire US Army. For Maris, the program “provides and enhances military knowledge and leadership skills” that will prepare him for future leadership positions in his military career.

“There are a few achievements that I’m proud of. One of them is being selected to participate in the Green to Gold program,” Maris says. “My selection as Battalion Schools NCO, in charge of career development and military schools opportunities for more than 500 soldiers, would be a second one.